Debian packaging: using system's GLEW before resorting to in-source copy


Original reporter: mafm

Submitting bugs as requested after e-mail contact, one copy for each library.

1) One of the issues is the embedded copy of tinyxml and GLEW
libraries. The versions provided in Debian are more recent than the
ones provided with OGRE 1.7.3, and thus they could benefix from
additional bugfixes (important especially in the case of security
bugfixes). Is it possible that you autodetect whether such libraries
are present in the system and use them if available, otherwise resort
to your private copies?

Holger Frydrych's reply:

Theoretically yes, although I have to admit that I'm not entirely
comfortable doing it, because our build process is already fairly
complex, and this would add yet another non-standard build option to
maintain. GLEW in particular is problematic, because our version is
modified, and making Ogre compile against a vanilla version may involve
some work. We do update our included version occasionally and will
happily do so if we hear about a security vulnerability.
In any case, if it's not too much trouble please open a ticket in our
bugtracker ( [^] about this issue. It will not
be a priority for us, but maybe on a quieter day we will address it, at
least for TinyXML.

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