Debian packaging: Allow several versions of OGRE installed at the same time


Original reporter: mafm

Submitting bugs as requested after e-mail contact.

Original request

[...], we'd also would like to have several versions
of OGRE installed at the same time, so we would not broke things when
you release a new major version, and other software depending on
different versions of OGRE can coexist peacefully.

The problem is that the Plugins are installed in an "unversioned"
location, in /usr/lib/OGRE (or something like
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/OGRE/ in multi-arch enabled environment),
and I don't know very well how to handle them.

I also happen to maintain OpenSceneGraph and they resolve the issue by
installing it in a versioned directory, like (for OpenSceneGraph
version 3.0.1):

Would it be possible to do something similar with OGRE?

This would help to provide packages in Debian for many other projects,
like fungoloids, that we had to remove when introducing 1.7 series of
OGRE because they were working only with 1.6...

Holger Frydrych's reply

I'm aware of this, and it's on my todo list (although please open
another ticket for it, so that I don't forget).
My personal favourite solution right now is actually to change the
plugins from /usr/lib/OGRE/ to a versioned
/usr/lib/; however seeing that this
changes internals, it'll have to wait 'til the 1.9 major release.

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