Migrate SharedPtr to atomics


The current shared pointer implementation Ogre uses, on threaded builds, ends up consuming a whopping 5*sizeof(void*) bytes of memory; the resulting effective structure looks something like

Creating a new shared pointer object therefore requires two additional allocations (one for the reference count, one for the mutex).

Additionally, modifications to a shared pointer require a mutex, even though nigh every CPU Ogre supports can handle atomic increments and decrements.

Finally, a convoluted system of subclasses is used to provide free casting between Resource subclasses, at the expense of type safety.

Ogre's shared pointers are both huge and slow. The interface SharedPtr/std::shared_ptr provides can be implemented efficiently using only two pointers plus one additional allocation per pointee.

Lets fix this:


The first change this patch makes is to isolate the per-object information (the reference count, deletion method, and if necessary mutex) into a single instance of new struct SharedPtrInfo

The second change is to add starticCast/dynamicCast member methods to SharedPtr, to provide cast capability equal to that provided by the standard static_cast/dynamic_cast

This change has then been retrofitted throughout the codebase.

This does make some uses of the resource manager APIs more complex; but with the changes I'm making for GSOC this will be a non-issue anyhow.

These changes bring the smart pointer implementation in Ogre up to the standard found elsewhere






Erin Shepherd



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